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    Service and Support

    Reswell and Reswell distributors have to ensure that the quality of products and services delivered to end-users are of the highest quality. To achieve this objective, Reswell has established a service team to provide support to distributors, and distributor service teams to provide maintenance and service to end-users.

    Technical Support 

    Reswell service team provide technical support to distributors and customers via phone, mail, on-site maintenance, or by any means during the entire life cycle of instruments sold by Reswell.

    Spare Parts Support 

    Reswell and its distributors have enough spare parts in stock to ensurethat all the spare parts can be delivered to customers in time. Reswell will offer distributors enough Spare Parts in advance according to distributors’ purchasing quantity.


    Reswell provides different kinds of trainings to distributors and customers includingmarketing, operation, application and troubleshooting, etc.

    Warranty Extension 

    Reswell offers a warranty extension program to distributors to help control service costs and share risk of investment.

    Warranty extension program may not be applicable for some models or modules.

    On Demand Service 

    Reswell provide an on demand service to customers and distributors by agreement.


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