Sales Manager

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    1. Promote and sell products in global to deliver the preset sales target;

    2. Recruit distributors to establish distribution channels, Manage distributors to ensure the contracted sales target to be achieved;

    3. Undertake forecasting of sales on monthly basis and give monthly sales report;

    4. Work with product manager to organize product training for both distributors and customers;

    5. Communicate and work closely with the marketing manager to develop effective marketing plan to support sales activities. Attend relevant exhibitions and conferences, organize customer meetings;

    6. Acquire knowledge of competitors’ strategies and status, and monitor the changes in the market. Provide feedback to supervisor in a timely manner.


    1. Bachelor Degree or equivalent, medical, clinical, technical background preferred;

    2. More than 2 years of overseas sales experience;

    3.Distinct capability in self-organization and self-motivationStrong in negotiations, powerful in finalizing sales transactions;

    4. Good team work;

    5. fluent in English/Spanish/Portuguese/French/Arabic.

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