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            About Us

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            About Us

            Beijing R.RUI-Century Scie. & Tech. Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2000, we are committed on a global scale at a reasonable price to provide customers high quality compatible medical sensors and home medical equipment supplies sales and R & D services. 

            2004 R.RUI successfully passed the ISO9001/2000, ISO13485 international quality assurance system and obtained CE, CFDA.FDA ,ANSIVA product certification. 

             2007.10 R.RUI moved factory Yongfeng Industry Base, Haidian District, Beijing's 3200 square meters of new plant, to become a research and development, production, warehousing and service one-stop company. Medical electronic equipment for cable and sensor systems to provide one-stop solution. FDA registered facility was completed in 2008.

            2016  R.RUI established new factory  in Dongguan, Guangdong province.

            R.RUI’s products currently in sale over 100 countries around the world in order to protect mankind health.

            R.RUI has always been adhering to the spirit of excellence, more than 20 R & D team of engineers, not only can provide a variety of OEM products, but also according to customer needs as the starting point of professional design, production and processing a variety of economic and practical features advanced medical connectors and sensors, developed in 2010 to enter the home medical equipment, improve the technology and quality of products, innovative thinking to meet the needs of multi-level market.  R.RUI has more than 100 highly experienced employees team will guarantee to exceed customer service expectations.

            Full quality assurance is guidelines for people working in R.RUI, together with various of advanced equipment to establish and improved the finest inspection system to ensure product quality.    We are pleased to work with you. We here by made a solemn promise to you and whole community that we ensure provide the most reasonable price and high quality products to help you gain the upper hand in the market.

            CEO:Jasen Zhang


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